Breakdown: A Birth Of Witnessing

By Dr George Halasz

Posted on 18 October, 2017 under Video

Dr Halasz explains his work reference generational trauma, coming from a family of Holocaust survivors himself.

George explains how that experience has developed his understanding of the power of trauma and psychological witnessing of that trauma. He talks about his chapter in the book ‘The Power Of Witnessing’ by Nancy Goodman & Marylin Meyers.

David Roy Green of WHEN interviews Consultant Psychiatrist Dr George Halasz in Melbourne, Australia. As well as holding a private practice in child & adolescent psychiatry Dr Halasz is also an international lecturer and author with a passion for understanding and treating adult and childhood trauma. His special interests include ADHD, intergenerational transmission of trauma, ethics of diagnosis of child and adolescent mental illness and children of parents with mental illness. Dr Halasz makes regular appearances on Australian media and is on the Editorial Board of ‘Australasian Psychiatry’.

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