About the Website

This updated website offers visitors access to a variety of topics that have caught my interest and published in psychiatry and psychotherapy collated under individual sections and relevant links to other sites.

The multi-media include journal publications, audio and video links covering my work over a quarter of a century. It serves to highlight how the rapidly changing knowledge and understanding from the fields of neuroscience are increasingly being translated to the field of clinical practice in my field.

This is especially relevant at the interface of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and intergenerational trauma transmission, its recognition and treatment options.

As the mechanisms and pathways of the impact of traumatic experiences from infancy and childhood onwards become better understood, so our clinical guidelines, intervention options, management and treatment approaches have come to emphasise the need for greater effectiveness and safety. These ever-changing trends in theory, clinical practice and research are reflected in the focus and  tone found in the assembled publications. This trend is increasingly recognised as a ‘paradigm change’ that has been emerging in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

— George